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  1. CPL11 Starts 08-08-2021

Welcome to the official website for the Cape Town Winter Cricket Premier League U13 powered by the All Rounder Cricket Academy!

We are proud to announce the winners of the CPL u13 for 2021

Winners: Durbanville Warriors

This annual tournament is played during the Off-Seasonand teams compete in a T20 format. CPL 13 2022 to be announced soon.

Rhino Cricket as well as a few other sponsors have showed their commitment and involvement towards this tournament. We are looking forward to an exciting Winter League and there is no doubt that all the teams involved will find it hugely beneficial. Not only providing an opportunity to showcase their talent, the winter league maintains cricket fitness throughout the year!

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CPL U13 2021 Winners Durbanville Warriors

CPL U13 2021 2nd Place: Sunnungdale Cricket Club
CPL U13 2021 3rd Place: Green Point Cricket Club
CPL U13 2021 Master Blaster: Thaafier Japtha
CPL U13 2021 Top Bowler: Dylan Hanekom

CPL13 - Group A

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TeamPWLDRun RateBPPointsNRR
Durbanville Warriors43105.64200.56
All Rounders41304.8528-0.76

CPL13 - Group B

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TeamPWLDRun RateBPPointsNRR
Durbanville Dragons42204.794160.64
Sommerset West41303.6280.74

CPL13 Top Bowlers

1Dylan HanekomDurbanville WarriorsBatsman, Bowler420.17915
2Wilhelm SmetDurbanville WarriorsBatsman, Bowler6239711
3Christian MaierGreenpointBatsman, Bowler6176610
4Francois PrinsMustangsBatsman, Bowler494310
5Tyler Reid HeynsSunningdaleBatsman, Bowler617739
6Kieran SolomonGreenpointBatsman, Bowler615.3729
7Jean-Luc OlivierDurbanville DragonsBatsman, Bowler413769
8Benn CoetzeeGiantsBatsman, Bowler617.1758
9JJ RothmanDurbanville WarriorsBatsman, Bowler623887
10Christopher HughesGiantsBatsman, Bowler617.5617


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