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  1. CPL 13 Starts 24th July 2022

Welcome to the official website for the Cape Town Winter Cricket Premier League U11 powered by the All Rounder Cricket Academy!

We are proud to announce the Winners of the CPL 11 2021:

Winners: All Rounder Rhino’s

CPL U11 2021 2nd Place: Durbanville Vipers
CPL U11 2021 Master Blaster: Janko Webb
CPL U11 2021 3rd Place: Durbanville Royals
CPL U11 2021 Top Bowler: Ethan Hendricks
CPL U11 2021 Feedem Fair Play Award: Ruben Giliomee

CPL11 Top Bowlers

1Ethan HendricksLittle Rhino'sBatsman, Bowler6175311
2Nakeeta CollinsVipersBatsman, Bowler619.46610
3Sebastien RademanDurbanville RoyalsBatsman, Bowler621.2869
4Andreas DippenaarDurbanville RoyalsBatsman, Bowler611398
5Wynand BreytenbachGreenpointBatsman, Bowler411.1668
6Divan FourieDurbanville RoyalsBatsman, Bowler614278
7Tristan RixVipersBatsman, Bowler516807
8Ara van BredaLittle Rhino'sBatsman, Bowler614497
9Gideon WassermanDurbanville RoyalsBatsman, Bowler615.3577
10Lian de JagerVipersBatsman, Bowler619716

This annual tournament is played during the off season and teams compete in a T20 format. CPL 11 2022 to be announced soon.

Rhino Cricket as well as a few other sponsors have showed their commitment and involvement towards this tournament. We are looking forward to an exciting Winter League and there is no doubt that all the teams involved will find it hugely beneficial. Not only providing an opportunity to showcase their talent, the winter league maintains cricket fitness throughout the year!